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The city Lviv is located in Western-Ukraine, near the border with Poland. The beautiful old center, also known as the historical center, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a mix between architectural and artistic traditions of Eastern Europe, Italy and Germany. Lviv is one of the richest cities of Ukraine when it comes to architecture and culture. This is what makes the city unique and authentic.

The old center of Lviv

In the old center you have a big square; Ploshcha Rynok. This lively market square is the center of the city and is surrounded by 44 colorful houses. These 44 houses all represent different styles and periods in history.  Baroque, Renaissance and the Empire.

Opera House is a sight that everyone should see. The beautiful building is located in the center of the city. The Opera House is built on a river, the Poltva River. This is an invisible river that flows beneath the city.

Highlights Lviv

Lviv has 2500 historical and architectural monuments. For this reason they are at the top of the highlights of Ukraine. Lviv City Hall, Lychakiv cemetery and the big market are the most popular historic sights. Apart from that there are many churches, cathedrals and castles that are worth paying a visit to in the beautiful and versatile Lviv.

Nature in Lviv

The Stryiskyi parc is one of the most beautiful parcs in Ukraine. In addition you have Ivan Franko Parc in Lviv. This parc exists since the end of the 18th century and is the oldest parc of Ukraine.

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