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'The sleeping beauty behind the Iron Curtain’: that’s what Lviv was called for decades. ‘Sleeping’, however, is hardly the right word for this city in the west of Ukraine. Lviv offers numerous sights and experiences. If Lviv did ever sleep, the city is now fully awake.

Fly to Lviv and discover breathtaking beauty

A trip to Lviv feels like a journey back in time. This has nothing to do with the lifestyle of the inhabitants, but with the numerous monumental buildings that have retained their old charm. Lviv has a purity that is hardly matched by any other city. It boasts an array of architectural treasures, including quite a few Orthodox churches. Rynok Square offers a journey through time, as the old town hall is surrounded by 44 buildings that embody the art and architecture of the 16th to 20th century. Climb the town hall steps for a breathtaking view of this Eastern European city.

Walking along the cobbled streets, you are bound to notice the statues of lions. The statues illustrate the name given to this area more than 750 years ago. The Ruthenian Prince Danylo Romanovych took the initiative for the construction of the city and named it Lev, which translates to Leo. The lions are the only constant in the city, where a diversity of architectural styles and influences together form a vibrant and unique whole.

Try the authentic flavours of Lviv

Borsch, varenik, pampushki: you can try all of these typical Ukrainian dishes during your holiday in Lviv. Although these dishes are inextricably linked with Lviv’s food culture, they are not what the city is famous for food-wise. Lviv flourishes when it comes to coffee and chocolate. That’s why the Ukrainian city has a large number of coffee houses. Still, these gastronomic delights need not be limited to local use. There are countless shops that you can visit to take the taste of Lviv back home.

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