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The province of Lublin is located in the east of Poland, right on the border with Belarus and Ukraine. It’s an area where Polish, Russian, Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish influences are mixed together. The capital of the province is the city of Lublin. It’s an academic centre with twelve universities and a lively city with a beautiful historical centre (Stare Miasto). Recent renovations have restored the heart of the city to its former glory.
Although the population of Lublin has tripled in size since the end of World War II, it still belongs to one of the least populated provinces of Poland.

Points of interest in Lublin

Unlike Warsaw, Kraków or Gdansk, Lublin has not yet been discovered by large flocks of tourists. The most famous sights in Lublin include Wieza Trinitarska (the Trinity Tower), Stary Ratusz (the Old Town Hall) and Zamek (the castle). The Holy Trinity Chapel, also called Kaplica Trójcy Świętej, is part of the castle. The chapel is completely decorated with the best preserved Russian Orthodox wall paintings in all of Poland.

Besides culture, Lublin also has plenty of nature. The Poleski National Park, a vast moorland, can be found in the north. Roztoczanski National Park is characterized by hills, deep valleys and waterfalls. This is the habitat of Polish ponies.

History of Lublin

In 1941, Majdanek was a concentration and extermination camp in Poland. In 1944, the camp was evacuated due to the advance of the Red Army. Majdanek is now a memorial site that keeps the memory alive of this horrific period in history. A part of the Majdanek camp is now a museum where you can see the barracks, gas chambers and crematorium.

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