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Flying to La Palma

La Isla Verde

Mediterranean maritime climate

21 degrees

4 hours and 30 minutes

Madonna sang it in 1986: La Isla Bonita. One of two nicknames for the Canary Island La Palma - the other being ‘La Isla Verde’ (the green island). The island is characterised by its calm vibe, beautiful walking areas and authentic culture. The name ‘La Isla Verde’ suits the island down to the ground; La Palma boasts a stunning variety of vegetation all year round. This contrasts with the constantly blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean to make for gorgeous pictures.


Places to visit in La Palma

Like most other Canary Islands, La Palma is primarily made out of volcanic sand. And yet this island has a variety of vegetation any nature lover would go wild for. This is a result of the amount of rainfall the area gets, combined with the Canarian sun and fertile lava. Looking in one direction, you’ll see Canarian pine forests; turn around and you’ll see so-called barrancos: deep hollowed out ravines that transport rainwater from the mountain top to the ocean. Not only does this versatile vegetation make for stunning holiday snaps, it also produces all kinds of sweet fruits, including bananas, avocados, grapes and almonds. So be sure to pack some sturdy walking shoes and a camera with you so you can explore the island on foot.


Discover La Palma

Although La Palma is mainly known for the amazing vegetation and many mountains, the island is also an ideal destination for relaxing in the sun and taking a dip in the Atlantic Ocean. But don’t expect white sandy beaches, as the beaches here actually consist of black volcanic sand. There are tours you can participate in that are arranged during the summer, despite the absence of mass tourism in La Palma. One of the options is a boat tour across the ocean. If you’re lucky, you might even spot some dolphins.

Practical information for your trip to La Palma

  • In Spain you pay your way with euros

  • There is no time difference between Spain and Eindhoven

  • You don't need a travel adapter when you travel to Spain

  • The emergency number in Spain is the same as in the Netherlands: 112

  • The tap water in Spain is safe to drink, although you will notice it contains more chlorine than we're used to in the Netherlands

Pictures of La Palma

Poris de Candelaria in La Palma

Street in La Palma

Nature in La Palma


Flight tickets from Eindhoven to La Palma

You can fly from Eindhoven Airport directly to x La Palma in Spain with TUI.

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