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If you’re looking for a holiday destination with a varied and vibrant offering, Kiev is the place to be. From an exciting nightlife to impressive visitor sights: the Ukrainian capital has it all. A visit to Kiev is an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

Fly to Kiev for breathtaking sights

Walking through the city centre of Kiev is the best way to experience its quaint, idyllic setting. You won’t find any hard, Eastern European look and feel here, but an array of imposing landmark buildings. Together, these sights constitute the rich cultural history of the city. Take, for example, Saint Sophia's Cathedral, the foundations of which were laid in the eleventh century as the burial place of the rulers of Kievan Rus'.

You can explore the culture of Kiev both above and below ground. The impressive Kiev Monastery of the Caves consists of a collection of churches and caves that are connected by an underground system of corridors of 30 km long. It’s an impressive piece of history, as this pilgrimage site has laid the foundations for the Russian Orthodox Church.

A sight in Kiev with a politically charged history is Independence Square, popularly called Majdan. Independence Square hosted multiple political protests, including the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity. This has made Majdan the setting of several historic moments that have marked the history of Ukraine.

A touching sight is found just outside of Kiev, at the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Marked by one of the biggest nuclear disasters of all time, the effects are still clearly noticeable in the ghost town thirty years later. It’s a poignant scene that still leaves a deep impression on visitors, even decades after the disaster.

Enjoy life in Kiev

Although the impressive history of the city is clearly perceptible, Kiev is more than just an array of historic landmarks. In the Ukrainian capital, people know how to enjoy life, which becomes clear when you visit the city. Hot summer days are spent at the Dnieper River, where the popular Hidropark urban beach offers entertainment as well as an opportunity to cool down. Whether you prefer to relax on one of the meadows or like to meet locals in one of the cosy cafés, the beach on the Dnieper River has it all.

Kiev is alive, both day and night. Nightlife plays an important role in the city’s culture. Kiev has a varied offering, from trendy nightclubs to theatres in all shapes and sizes. Typical for Kiev are the casinos, which have been a city landmark for years. The Salut International Casino stands out because of its luxurious and prestigious character. But don’t try Kiev’s nightlife on an empty stomach. You can create a good culinary lining in the form of various Ukrainian specialties, such as varenik, pampushki or the world-famous borsch.

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