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Peace and quiet

  • Mediterranean climate
  • 3 hours and 10 mintes
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Dalaman is located in the southeast of Turkey. Previously it was mainly known for its international airport, but the city has more to offer. It is a tourist destination on the rise, where nature plays a big part.

Big turtles

Dalaman is situated between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. In the area you will find cotton fields, orchards, mud baths and old tombs. It is the habitat of the Caretta Caretta turtles which are actively protected. These special animals can weigh up to 150 kg, with a one meter long shell. They like warm sand and can be spotted with a bit of luck.

No mass tourism

Dalaman itself is a small developing town. Mass tourism has not yet landed here, so there is plenty of space to sunbathe at Sarsala Beach. Shops, bars and restaurants are plentiful. Those who wish to sample real Turkish cuisine should order mezze: small snacks that are meant as a side dish but that can also be ordered as a main course. Mezze are often prepared without meat and with olive oil, such as dolma (grape leaves filled with rice), börek (pastries filled with cheese and herbs) or murcver (fritters made of zucchini). The presentation is as important as the food itself. Even the smallest dish is lavishly garnished. In this coastal town, fish is of course standard on the menu. Sea bass, swordfish and shrimps are popular. Meat lovers can count on lamb, often served as kebab or as köfte (spiced little meatballs).


Dalaman has the right ingredients for a relaxed holiday, where sunshine and Turkish cuisine guarantee delightful enjoyment.