Corporate Responsibility

In balance with the environment

Eindhoven Airport has a mission. Eindhoven Airport wants to be a multimodal, sustainable transportation hub, so that the airport contributes to the economic growth in Southeast Brabant. A modern airport, where speed and experience are added values. A modern airport also means that we want to be one of the leaders in the field of sustainability.

Open communication with the community and local and regional authorities  contributes to mutual understanding of each other's interests and capabilities and is the first step to good cooperation.


Eindhoven Airport NV attaches great importance to a good society, and sustainability ( air, soil, waste, energy and water) has a significant role in this respect. Eindhoven Airport NV has an environmental management system that complies with the NEN 14001:2004 standard. Internal and external audits are carried out every year within the framework of continuous improvement and constantly testing our own environmental management system.


Noise is one the most important environmental aspect of the airport. In order to monitor the noise, Eindhoven Airport has placed nine noise monitoring terminals in the vicinity of the airport. These terminals monitor noise events and send data to ANOMS on a daily basis to be correlated with the civil air traffic. Eindhoven Airport has fixed arrival and departure routes that must be adhered to by regular air traffic. When determining these routes the location of the living areas, that had to be avoided as much as possible in view of noise reduction, was taken into consideration. Of all flights that fall within the air traffic control area of Eindhoven, ANOMS registers routes, heights and aircraft identity data. In case of questions or complaints, the stored data can be queried from the system in order to get a clearer idea of what has happened in the air.

The website is an initiative of the Alders Platform Eindhoven. Here you will find all important information about the civil air traffic. For example, find out where the airport is used for, what the rules mean to you or see exactly how often civil flights pass over your house. This website has no information on military aircrafts. For further information please check the website
Via the website you may submit a complaint about a specific civil aircraft or nuisance caused by traffic at a certain time, by completing the application form on You can also submit a complaint via phone: 31 (0) 40 289 61 33 or +31 (0) 40 289 61 44.

Eindhoven Air Base has established an Committee of Environmental Consultation and Information. To ensure that Eindhoven Air Base does not cause more nuisance than is allowed in the legally established noise zone. For further information please check the website

Sustainability and innovation

Eindhoven Airport wants to become part of the leading European airports in the field of sustainability. This has been set into the concrete goal of acquiring ACI Europe’s highest level of accreditation for carbon reduction, which is the level of ‘Airport Carbon Accredited for Carbon Neutrality’. Airport Carbon Accreditation is an independent programme administered by WSP Environment & Energy, an international consultancy appointed by ACI EUROPE to enforce the accreditation criteria for airports on an annual basis. The administration of the programme is overseen by an Advisory Board. Airports must have carbon footprints independently verified in accordance with ISO14064 (Greenhouse Gas Accounting). Evidence of this must be provided to the administrator together with all claims regarding carbon management processes which must also be independently verified. For more information please check the website

D-AIR is a knowledge exchange project in the field of energy and sustainable transport. D-AIR unites ten regions with 14 partner organisations, consisting of public authorities and airports, all having the ambitions to significantly reduce carbon emissions linked to airport operations. Eindhoven Airport was one of the 14 partner organisations in this project. For more information please check the website

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