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In the heart of Moldova you will find the historic capital Chisinau. The city lies on the river Bâc and has about 700.000 thousand inhabitants . In Chisinau you will find many universities, theaters and museums. Because of the many parks in the city, it is also called the green city. Due to the central location and good accessibility of Chisinau, it is also easy to discover other sights in Moldova.

Landmarks in Chisinau

In Chisinau there are two national museums which tell you more about the history of Moldova. You have the National Ethnographic & Natural History Museum, which is the oldest museum in Moldova, and the National Archaeological and Historical Museum. Another interesting sight is Park Catedralei. This park is the most famous park in Chisinau. Here you can find the triumphal arch. In addition to these cultural trips, you can also stroll through the streets and visit beautiful squares. Or take a trip to the market of Chisinau to get a glimpse into the daily life of the city.

Eating and drinking in Chisinau

Eating and drinking is very important in Chisinau. The many different cultures in Moldova can also be found in the kitchen. Traditionally in Moldova you eat warm both in the afternoon and in the evening. A traditional dish is "Mamaliga". This is a yellowish maize porridge that is available almost everywhere in the city. Besides the delicious food, Moldova is also known for its delicious wines. Due to the good climate and fertile soil, Chisinau is a good wine region. Definitely worthwhile to visit one of the vineyards during a trip to Chisinau.

History of Chisinau

Chisinau was founded in the 15th century and Moldova declared its independence in 1991. During the Second World War, the capital Chisinau was largely bombed and had to be rebuilt from scratch. In addition to its rich history, Chisinau also functions as a kind of gateway for a visit to Transnistria. Transnistria is the area on the border between Moldova and Ukraine and declared itself unilaterally independent in 1990. Transnistria has its own currency, the Transnistrian ruble, and its own flag. With a trip to this special place you are guaranteed to go back in time.

Flight tickets to Chisinau

Wizz Air now offers flights from Eindhoven Airport directly to Chisinau in Moldova.