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Chania is the second largest city on the Greek island of Crete. Crete is the largest of all Greek islands. It’s centrally located in the Mediterranean Sea and has, therefore, always served as a trading post. In the 15th and 16th centuries, Crete was a powerful and highly developed naval force. Nowadays the economy runs on tourism and agriculture, with olives, olive oil and grapes as its main products. Most tourists stay in the northeast of the island, in places such as Heraklion, Malia and Agios Nikolaos. Because of its extensive nightlife, Hersonissos is particularly popular with young people. The south of the island is less popular and therefore better suited for those who don’t like mass tourism.

Ancient culture

Chania is a very old city with an ancient culture that can be found in every street. Chania is influenced by both Turkish and Venetian cultures. In the narrow historic streets around the port, for example, you can find many great Venetian houses, shops and restaurants. The name Chania even comes from the Venetians, who called the city La Canea. Chania is also called the Jewel of Crete because of the way in which the old part of the city is combined with the new part.

Points of interest in Chania

There’s much to do in Chania. A 15th century Venetian lighthouse is located at the entrance to the port. Opposite the lighthouse, you will find the Firka Fortress dating from 1629. Today, part of the fortress serves as an open-air theatre. There’s also a covered market with many fresh herbs and an archaeological museum which is housed in a gothic church. Crete is a must for beach lovers. Beautiful beaches are not only found in Chania, but also in its surroundings. In the evening the nightlife begins, making the city a very lively place.

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