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  • Temperate continental climate
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Burgas is a city in the East of Bulgaria, located at the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. The city has more than 200.000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in Bulgaria. Besides being a beautiful seaside resort, Burgas has the largest port in Bulgaria. A great base to enjoy a holiday and to make trips to other sights in the area.

Landmarks in Burgas

There are a number of popular attractions in Burgas, such as the Sea Garden Park. In this park you mainly come for the beautiful nature and serene tranquility, but you can also admire the old Burgas War Memorial that was built during the communist era. A visit to the Burgas Museum brings you more culture and history about the city. In addition to all the museums and parks, you can also enjoy an active holiday in Burgas. You can take a boat trip to the island of St. Anastasia, take beautiful walks through nature or visit various amusement parks. As Burgas is located at the Black Sea Coast, the spacious beaches are perfect for various water activities such as surfing, kayaking and diving.

Nature in Burgas

Burgas is known for its beautiful nature. The city owes this all to the three great lakes. The various fresh and salt water lakes have healing functions. The mud from these lakes in Burgas is used in various spas. You can visit the lakes and take beautiful walks in the area.

Burgas its surrounding cities

In addition to all the beauty that Burgas has to offer, it is also a great base for trips to popular places around the city. For example, you can take a 4-hour jeep safari to the most popular seaside resort in Bulgaria: Sunny Beach. But also seek peace and quiet by going to the museum town of Sozopol. There are plenty of transport options, making many places easily accessible from the beautiful city of Burgas.

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Wizz Air now offers flights from Eindhoven Airport directly to Burgas in Bulgaria.

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