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  • Desert climate
  • 6 hours
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When Portuguese explorer, Diogo Gomes discovered the then uninhabited Cape Verde Islands in 1456, one thing in particular stood out to him about this, Cape Verde's second largest island: the stunning views. He christened the island Boa Vista: Portuguese for - you guessed it - ‘beautiful view’. On this Cape Verdean island, you can rest assured that a beautiful view is what you’ll get. Alongside the Cape Verdean island of Sal, Boa Vista is one of Cape Verde’s more touristic islands. And for good reason.

From crossing the desert on a quad to relaxing in an all-inclusive resort: Boa Vista offers visitors the ideal combination

Boa Vista is a diverse and colourful Cape Verde island that has something to offer everyone. Are you the active type who enjoys exploring? The winds here lend themselves to all kinds of watersports; windsurfing in Boa Visa, for example, is extremely popular. And there’s no need to pay excess baggage for your own surfboard: the local surf schools have boards to hire. Does surfing sound a little too energetic for you? Then grab your snorkel and explore the gorgeous coral reef at Gatas Bay. You won’t believe your eyes!

Soaking up the local culture in Boa Vista is a must. The best thing is that you can still witness the real, traditional Boa Vista; whilst tourism on the island is on the rise, tourist numbers bear no comparison to those on popular European islands. Admire colourful villages such as Bofareira, enjoy live music played by locals and visit traditional markets where you can buy nice little souvenirs - originating both from the island itself and the African mainland.

When is the best time to visit Boa Vista?

The Cape Verde islands have a semi-arid climate, with Boa Vista tending towards more of a desert climate. The temperature itself sits between 20 and 30°C all year round. But the best time to travel to Boa Vista is during the summer months, mainly because there are next to no winds at that time. If visiting between April and June, you may have a chance of spotting a humpback whale; between September and December, you may witness the birth of baby turtles. And, if luck isn’t on your side, there’s always the option of exploring the underwater world with your snorkel!

Flight tickets to Boa Vista

Getting itchy feet? TUI now offers flights from Eindhoven Airport direct to Boa Vista international airport. The travel advice for Boa Vista is positive and it takes just 6 hours to get there. Get those bags packed!

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