5 destinations for a city trip in spring

When spring has arrived and the sun has returned, there’s nothing more enjoyable than exploring a new city. It’s time for a city trip! But what are the nicest cities to visit in spring? Here is our top 5!

1. Porto

Narrow alleys and stairs zigzag down towards the river Douro. Romantic Porto is the second largest city of Portugal. Colourful houses are cosily perched side by side, next to medieval ruins, magnificent Baroque churches, and high bell towers. Enjoy a glass of Portuguese wine on one of the cosy village-like squares and go to a performance at Casa da Musica: a concert hall designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.

2. Riga

Riga is a delight for lovers of architecture. The Latvian capital's historic old town has been beautifully preserved and is therefore listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover trendy bars, modern art centres, and Latvian cuisine. In addition, Riga is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Take a trip to fresh pine forests or white sandy beaches and discover pure Latvian nature.

3. Prague

In terms of beauty, Prague is considered by many to be equal to Paris. A maze of cobbled streets and hidden courtyards will beckon you further into the city. In the Old Town you will discover old chapels, nice cafés, and old-fashioned bars with hardly any tourists. Look out across the Vltava river from the famous Charles Bridge, which connects the Old Town with the Lesser Town. Don't forget to order a cold beer somewhere: here you will drink the best beer in Europe!

4. London

The best time to visit London is in spring. If the weather permits, you can explore the trendy metropolis by bike instead of travelling underground by metro. The city parks are at their best in this season: hundreds of yellow daffodils cheerfully colour the lawns of Green Park and St. James Park. The city skyline can be admired from the water: take a Thames Clipper ferry for the best views!

5. Munich

Numerous events and festivals in the city indicate that the countdown to summer has begun; Munich fully comes to life in the fresh, sunny weather of spring. The walkable centre of the Bavarian capital has a village-like atmosphere, while the sights and especially the galleries and museums are world class. The best way to explore Munich is by bike. Just don't forget to stop and taste some beer!